This is a small project, in which I try to simplify my life by abstracting away the complexities UI design has to offer 😨. I use this for quick prototyping; and in some cases, for production 🙈 where I build a design system on top of it.

That do sound hacky, so please consider this opinionated.
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  • You can design with — not around it. Leaves UI untouched.
  • Atomic, non blocking.
  • Manageable cognitive load, with a small footprint.
  • Fast in every way.
  • Framework agnostic.


  • I don't think percentage based CSS breakpoint are universal enough, so you have to handle responsive states yourself.
  • You can use it in production, but you have to create your own fallbacks. The prefixed version handles some, but not everything. This article might help you.


I started this as my own reset.css when having a reset css was cool. It was grown into a common.css, then a tools.css. Now is somewhat atomic.

I've also learned some tricks from these smart people:


I'm just a designer who codes. 🐈 @pyx