Baseline atomic CSS toolkit.

fractures helps you bootstrap design-systems and prototypes by providing a set of non-blocking, atomic, utility classes. Learn more.

version: 1.3.3
size: 3290b gzipped
  1. Basics
  2. Sizes
  3. Complex
  4. Extend
Use atomic, self-explanatory classes with ease. <div class="flex flex-center">	<div />	<div /></div>

Getting started

  1. Module

    npm i fractures import "fractures/dist/fractures.css"

    Install with npm or yarn, then import it once, globally. You can find usage examples under fractures-examples for React and Next.js.

    Although you can import fractures.prefixed.min.css just as easily—for production use, I recommend running the fractures.css file through your build process.
  2. CDN

    <link href="" rel="stylesheet" />

    This is not great for production, but great for prototypes or lazy people.

  3. Download

    Save with your hands, and serve as you wish. 🐹See releases on GitHub